fence post auger

From installing fences, decks and sprinkler lines to trimming, soil sampling and drilling, HEPT's full range of earth-moving rigs, water-well drilling rigs and small trenchers provide productivity, safety and ease of use. We also provide a full range of augers, extension rods, tips and blades.

About hept

HEPT has served three generations of digging services. Over the years, our commitment to quality and service and our dedication to customer needs have remained unwavering.

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In-depth understanding of the replacement of auger bits and blades to ensure the best performance, efficiency and equipment life.

Scope of application

Every rig and auger we ship is controlled by skilled expedited technicians. Before shipping any auger or machine to the customer, HZPT thoroughly tests each piece of equipment. In addition, R&D experts have been working hard to improve every drill bit and auger.

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The core of the HEPT factory is the manufacturing facility. Here, each drill bit is assembled by experts and carefully inspected in each production step. Many of the fine parts used to manufacture HEPT soil drills are manufactured in the factory itself, which greatly reduces production costs and provides our customers with better products. Before rolling off the assembly line, every part and product is treated with durable powder coating, which can achieve years of worry-free operation.


6" diameter standard ground drill for pile hole excavator

6" diameter heavy-duty soil drill for pile hole excavators

9" diameter standard ground drill for column hole excavator



Andreapol, Russia