Big Power 196cc Earth Auger Hole Digger Ground Drill Ahoyador 4-Cycle 6.5HP Loncin Engined

Item Description

196CC large electrical power hefty responsibility earth auger can be utilized in the subject of the floor drilling and excavation of the ground, sand, hard land of the seedling backyard garden greening engineering planting excavation, the excavation of the outside the house excavation of the treeTo dig holes in the fenceFruit trees, tree fertilization and excavation, landscaping works.Weeding, and so forth. Excavation diameter: two hundred-600mm.The ground drilling procedure is not less than 80 pits for each hour. It can be calculated by functioning eight hours for each working day. It can dig 640 pits and is thirty times more synthetic.In the middle ploughing, the weeding can run at no much less than 800 square meters per hour at a time of 50 centimeters or more, and really understand the computerized operation procedure, and the earth drill can totally free men and women from the demanding guide labor.Dynamic and potent, stunning appearance, comfy operation, minimal labor depth, ideal for all kinds of terrain, higher performance, straightforward to have and area operate.

Big size vortex gearcase
Transmission Type:JCPTmatic Centrifugal
Transmission Ratio:24:1 
Uninteresting rotating velocity(rpm):180-210rpm
Dull rotating route:Clockwise
Motor:Loncin 1P70FA
Displacement: 196cc 
Rated electricity/rpm: 4.8kw/six.5HP/3600rpm
Highest torque/rpm: ten.five/2500(N-m/rpm) 
Fuel tank potential: 1.2L 
Motor oil capacity: .6L 
No-load velocity: 1800-2000rpm 
Ignition system: transistorized magneto 
Starting up technique: recoil 
Lubricating method: splashing 
Spark plug:F7TC
Spark plug hole: .7-.eight
Fuel (GB17930): RQ-93 
Fuel comsumption:395(g/k-h)
Motor oil: SE15W/forty
Sounds: 104dB (A)
Dimensions: 58 x forty three x 52cm
Gross bodyweight: 33.00kg

1)The 196cc auger equipment can drive Dia.600mm drill little bit simply.
2)The cost is not incorporate any drill bits