Excavator Attachment Hydraulic Earth Drill Hydraulic Auger

Merchandise Description

1.Merchandise Description
CTHB earth auger application in Landscaping, Tree planting, Well dull, Basis piles, JCPT pile installations, Floor resource warmth pumps, Pole and Mast Installations, JCPT vitality piling, Bridge pier drilling and so forth.

two.Detail Picture
4.Technical Parameter

Design No. 2000 3000 4500 6000 8000 10000 15000 20000 25000
Excavator Bodyweight 1.five-3T two-4T 3-5T four-6T 6-8T six-10T 10-15T fifteen-20T fifteen-25T
Max Torque 2000Nm 3000Nm 4500Nm 6000Nm 8000Nm 9000Nm 15000Nm 20000Nm 25000Nm
Force Selection 60-240Bar 70-240Bar 70-240Bar 80-240Bar 80-240Bar 80-240Bar eighty-240Bar eighty-240Bar 80-310Bar
Stream Variety twenty-70Lpm twenty five-70Lpm twenty-80Lpm 50-85Lpm 50-85Lpm fifty-95Lpm 60-150Lpm 75-200Lpm sixty-250Lpm
Output Shaft 65mm¡ 65mm¡ 65mm¡ 75¨ 75¨ 75¨ 75¨ 75¨ 75¨
Diameter of Device Drive 190mm 232mm 238mm 245mm 272mm 280mm 338mm 345mm 355mm
Max Rotate Speed 65r/min 60r/min 56r/min 50r/min 48r/min 45r/min 38r/min 35r/min 28r/min
Weight of Unit Generate 28kg 74kg 95kg 134kg 160kg 168kg 240kg 272kg 320kg

5.Diameter and the Depth of hole to be drilled

Extension Rod

Extension rods are used to lengthen the drill pipe.
Diameter: 89mm, 108mm,127mm, 146mm.
Size: 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 3m
OR: JCPTization

Auger Drill

The drill pipe is the portion of speak to with the floor for drilling and fetching.
highest deepth:10 m 

six.Pin Hitch

7.Tooth & Pilot
Rock auger drill: It match to rock, pitch or a lot of gravel land.
Tungsten auger drill: It in shape to clay, snady land or a little gravel. Digging the soil land quite simply.
Sharp auger drill: It in shape to rock, concrete, cement, asphalt and so on.

eight.Company Profile
HangJCPT chengtai construction machinery Co., Ltd. is positioned in the beautiful coastal town of HangJCPT,ZheJiang . It is a contemporary company specializing in R & D, generation and sales of front-stop hydraulic attachments for excavators. The business has been dedicated to the advancement, generation and income of excavator front-end gadgets for numerous a long time. The company largely makes:numerous entrance-finish these kinds of as hydraulic breaker,compactor,rapid connector,ripper, etc. Attachment gadget can be tailored to domestic and foreign huge, medium and tiny excavators, and can be JCPTized in accordance to the JCPTer’s working atmosphere demands Particular attachments for operating situations. Our company has superior production gear, ideal product tests approaches and quality assurance technique. The business has a skilled technical team, from the improvement of new products to the manufacturing method in the process, and then to the following-revenue provider of the solution, to supply agency technical assistance for large-good quality products.

nine.Our certification

ten.Scorching Sale
eleven.Packing &supply
Method of transportation:Produce by sea/Air/multimodel transportation/logistic or Specific business is accessible